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Ornate Grilles.

FAB Ornate Grilles specialises in the manufacture and supply of the highest quality of ornate grilles. Whether your requirement is for a singular custom made grille or multiple grilles of varying styles & sizes, FAB Ornate Grilles is well placed to provide superior craftmanship, flexibilty and responsiveness to your needs. Servicing Architects, Designers, Developers, Builders, HVAC Contractors, Councils, Hotels and Homeowners, FAB Ornate Grilles utlises our manufacturing expertise to produce a diverse range of decorative and functional grilles including; Perforated Metal, Bar Grilles, Linear Diffusers, Floor Grilles. Specialist fabrication includes a variety of materials such as Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel and finishes include Powder Coating, Anodising, Brushed, Polished and Plated.

Floor Grilles

Manufactured from extruded aluminium FAB Ornate Floor Grilles are available in a number of blade configurations including 0 Degree and 30 Degree Deflection. The blade spacing has a standard pitch of either 9mm or 12mm, however the blade spacing can be altered.

FAB Ornate Floor Grilles are heavy duty and are trafficable suitable for all Residential and Commercial Applications. Total flexibility is offered with regards to sizing regardless if the requirement is for a singular small grille or a continuous linear run. Mitred corners are manufactured to suit including 90 degree or any other specified angle.

Specialised Stainless Steel Floor Grilles are also available in a wide range of styles for Residential & Commercial applications. Additional products made to order include Kickboard Grilles, Floor Convector Grilles, Sill Mounted and Cabinet Grilles

FAB Ornate Floor Grilles can be provided with a flange for surface mounting on the floor or alternatively with a flangeless frame to allow mounting flush with the floor.

Multiple finishes are offered in either Powder Coat, Anodised or Stainless Steel.

Linear Slot Diffusers & Bar Grilles

FAB Ornate Linear Slot Diffusers are available in multiple 20mm slot configurations ranging from 1 to 8 slots. Suitable for Residential and Commercial applications Linear Slot Diffusers are designed for Ceiling or Wall installation. The diffusers are available in a Fixed or Removable Core frame and can be manufactured in singular lengths or in continuous linear run. Mitred corners to the required angle are manufactured to suit the specific ceiling or wall installation. Each diffuser has an internal vane that provides directional adjustment of airflow from horizontal to vertical depending on the application.
FAB Ornate Bar Grilles are a very versatile product that is used in many different Residential and Commercial applications. Known for their aesthetically pleasing appearance, FAB Ornate Bar Grilles are available in a number of blade configurations including 0 Degree and 30 Degree Deflection. The blade spacing has a standard pitch of either 9mm, 12mm or 20mm, however the blade spacing can be as determined by the client. Fixed, Removable or Hinged Core options are available with multiple flange size options including flangeless. Manufactured from extruded aluminium there are multiple finishes offered including Powder Coat or Anodised.

Perforated Grilles & Custom Manufacture

FAB Ornate Grilles manufacture a diverse range of perforated grilles in a variety of materials including steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Perforated Grilles are used widely in Residential applications including renovation and restoration of period homes. FAB Ornate have the ability and resources to match existing patterns & designs to meet the demands of the concerning homeowner. Perforated grilles can be manufactured to custom sizes with finishes that include anodising, powder coating, polished, brushed and even etch primed ready for painting by the client. Perforated grilles are also used widely for Commercial applications including Security Grilles as well as for decorative purposes in shop fit outs and general retail displays.

FAB Ornate Grilles capabilities include aluminium, steel and stainless steel fabrication, welding, laser cutting, forming, punching, presswork, perforating, folding, machining, polishing and powder coating. FAB Ornate are a specialist manufacturer in all architectural grilles whether they be for functional or for decorative purposes.

Custom manufacture is our speciality and our experienced staff are committed to assisting you realise your unique or specific design concept to manufacture and delivery.

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