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ALIWOOD - Aluminium Woodgrain Products.

Aliwood is like real timber. Aliwood has knots but its not wood!! It is aluminium which looks like wood or timber. The only difference is that Aliwood has no maintenance! (Which includes NO splinters, sanding, mess, varnishing, painting, cracking, bowing, splitting, rotting, termites and no fading). Aliwood provides the look of wood with the durability and strength of an alloy. Suitable for all Residential and Commercial applications, the Aliwood product range includes: Fencing / Gates / Doors / Screening / Plantation Shutters / Louvers / Sun Shades / Awnings / Sound Barriers / Retaining Walls / Decking / Lattice / Feature Panels & Walls / Signs / Letter Boxes and General Enclosures.

All Aliwood products are manufactured to order and options include Supply Only, Supply and Installation as well as DIY kits which are very friendly for fencing , pool fencing , screens , gates, and much more.

Aliwood extrusions and products are available in a range of timber finishes that include: Bushwood, Blackwood, Western Red Cedar and Snowgum. Powder Coat finishes are also available and stock colours include White, Primrose and Black. Other powder coat finishes are available on request

Fencing, Gates

Fences and Gates come in a diverse range of sizes and designs. Aliwood extrusions allow the creation of custom fences and gates that can be manufactured to suit any application. Colours and slat sizes can be mixed and matched creating endless possibilities with design.
Aliwood Fencing is a maintenance free solution to timber fences in all Residential and Commercial Applications. The range includes Security Fencing, Pool Fencing and Garden Fencing in varying configuration as well as custom design. Standard stock posts and panels for Security, Pools and Gardens can be provided at 2400mm or 3000mm long with heights ranging from 900, 1200, 1500 and1800mm
The Aliwood gate design allows the manufacture any size frame for stylish entry gates, pedestrian gates and driveway swing & sliding gates. Whatever the application we can find a solution. Powder coated black frames with Aliwood timber finish slats are an extremely popular choice. All the gate hardware is included such as hinges, key lockable lock sets, sliding gates roller tracks, sliding wheels, motors and remote key pads. DIY Gates can be manufactured in kit form or ready to hang.

Screens - Privacy, Shade and Feature

Aliwood Screens can be used for privacy, shade as well as for features areas providing a maintenance free solution to the problem of ever ageing timber. Covering all Residential and Commercial applications the possibilities are endless. The Aliwood slats are made in 3 sizes 38mm, 65mm & 100mm (x 15mm) and different wall thicknesses to answer the needs of any span. Spacings are variable, determined by the client and can be set at any measurement, or none at all for total privacy. Free standing screens are available with the unique Aliwood post system, which allows the slats to simply slip into them. Posts can be bolted to concrete footings using the proprietary ‘post connector’ system. Alternatively proprietary Aliwood channels or angles can be fixed to any structure and the slats are fitted into these.

Feature Screens can be direct mounted to an existing wall structure or facade using the new ‘Click On’ system. This system consists of a proprietary tracking extrusion that is available in the 3 sizes to suit the Aliwood slats; 38mm, 65mm and 100mm. These 3 sizes can be mixed and matched to suit your design or preferred final aesthetic outcome. The tracking extrusion can be mounted to any surface and the slats simply click on in predeyermined lengths. Stock slat colours are Western Red Cedar, Snow Gum, Bushwood and Blackwood.

Plantation Shutters / Louvers - Fixed & Adjustable Panels

Aliwood Louver Blade Systems can be incorporated into many applications and styles of buildings whether they be Residential or Commercial. Suitable for internal or external installation the Aliwood designs create privacy along with a fresh new timber look. Unlike traditional timber Plantation Shutters and Louver Systems the Aliwood Range is manufactured from lightweight aluminium extrusion providing a durable maintenance free system with the strength of an alloy.
The design options are far greater than timber systems due to the material used in the Aliwood construction, which enables wider panels and greater heights, than other timber products. The Aliwood Louver options include an 88mm aerofoil blade as well as the unique option of a 15mm square edge blade in 3 sizes; 38mm, 65mm and 100mm. Fixed and Operable Louver options are available for each blade type. Aliwood Plantation Shutters and Louvre Systems are available in a range of timber finishes that include: Bushwood, Blackwood, Western Red Cedar and Snowgum. Powder Coat finishes are also available and stock colours include White, Black and Mill Finish. Other powder coat finishes are available on request which provides the ability to match any colour scheme allowing integration into any new or existing structure.
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